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The White Horse of Alih

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The White Horse of Alih

Post by Pumar, John Luigi B. on Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:05 pm

Characters: Alih- a Moro who plans for killing
Omar-The older brother of Alih
Lucy- the village priest
Fermina- a beautiful bar maid with a mole near her mouth

Setting : A Moro Village in Zamboanga during the American Occupation.

Plot: Alih and Omar devise a plan to redeem their shame by killing someone.

Exposition: Alih and Omar are robbed by pirates while sailing across the sea.

Conflict: Alih and Omar want redemption for the dishonor brought upon them.

Climax: Alih kills his brother, Omar.

Falling Action- Alih killed her brother because Omar was think to kill Fermina.

Theme: Tradition, beliefs and faith

Literary Approach: It was a Historical Approach.

Pumar, John Luigi B.

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