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The White Horse Of Alih

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The White Horse Of Alih Empty The White Horse Of Alih

Post by Dela Peña, Arabelle Ivy A on Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:45 pm

Alih- a Moro, non-Christian, who has plans of killing some people in the parade
Omar- Alih's brother
Imam- the village priest who tried to stop the brothers' plan
Lucy- the American girl who Alih met when he was a kid
Fermina- the lady in the bar who served drinks

The story happened on the Fourth of July in a town with parade

Beliefs, religion and faith of the Filipinos

When Alih thinks if he would continue to kill.

Alih didn't really want to kill. But his brother, Omar told him to do so, to gain respect for their father being accused of something he did not do.

As Alih was about to hold the Fermina, Omar came, drunk, and was about to kill Fermina.

Alih saw a float with a beautiful lady, who he thought was Fermina.

Alih protected Fermina by killing his brother.

Historical approach

Alih the protagonist, moved with the parade which was celebrating the Fourth of July celebration. The story went on Alih's confusion if he would continue to kill or not. Their father was accused and was killed because of something he did not do. Alih killed his own brother to protect Fermina, although they had plans to gain the white horse to heaven.

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