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the white horse of alih

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the white horse of alih Empty the white horse of alih

Post by Inglis, Carell P. on Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:50 pm

Characters: Alih- a moro who plans for killing the people
Omar- the brother of alih
Imam- the village priest
Lucy- the first girl alih like
Fermina- christian girl who served drinks

settings: the story happened on the july 4th in a city with a parade of people
Conflict: Alih didn't want the idea of killing, but the fear he had from his brother brought him to kill, and also his brother told him, that killing is the only way to gain respect for their father who was killed by the american soldiers and to take away the shame that they have.

Climax: as Alih was about to hold Fermina completely, Omar his older brother came out to his surprise. he realized that his brother was drunk, and Omar was about to kill Fermina.

Rising Action: he saw afloat with a girl whom he thought that it was Fermina. He went near the float and assisted the girl to go down to the ground and found out that it is Fermina when he saw the little black mole on the corner of the girl’s mouth.
Falling action: alih decided to kill his brother even though they have plans to gain the white horse, he did that to protect Fermina.

literary approaches: Historical Approach was used in this story.

summary: in the first part of the story, was considered as protagonists move along with a crowd who' s celebrating the 4th of july and they pallned an assasination in this town. The story was concentarted on how the characters planned the killings.Alih was thinking of his houri and the past memories of their family. His father was accused of killing a man that he did not kill. Alih and Omar’s father was the hadji back then and that he attended the Mecca. the story was continued with the life of omar and alih. All the struggles that the brothers had experienced was told in the story. then Omar think of killing and dying. He think that killing will was away their shame.The story then went on moving to the parade. Alih saw a girl which resembled his friend that he rode with in the carousel. After confirming that the girl he is looking at is really Fermina, his brother Omar then went berserk and unsheathed his sword and killed people. Omar then went to kill Fermina but Alih protected her and killed his brother Omar. He then decided to kill his brother just for Fermina.

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