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Post by Coronado Lord Vincent P. on Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:57 pm

*happend on july 4th in the city with a parade of people .
*alih *imam
*lucy *fermina
*amar *sampong
*as it filled him with resentment but he locked his jaw and damned his feeling.his time had not yet come.
*alih did not want to kill but the fear he had for his brother while he ws growing unged him to the killing also beacause his brother taught him..
*as he was about to hold her completely oman came but to his suprise he was drunk all along he realized that oman had been drinking tuba..
-falling action
*alih kills his brother
-literary approach
*historical approach
*region , tradition beliefs and faith of the filipinos.
*when they decided to become merchant there were rebels stole their commodties.
-Summary text
*wiping his low fore head and high cheek bones on the sleeves of his shirt he learned back against the acacia tree looking like one whose only concern was his physical comfort in the stifling weather..
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