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The White Horse of Alih (analysis)

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The White Horse of Alih (analysis) Empty The White Horse of Alih (analysis)

Post by Dichosa, Ma. Larisa Vera on Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:55 pm

1. Alih - a Moro who lives with his brother and plans to kill people during the Filipino - American Friendship Day.
2. Omar - Brother of Alih who provokes him to kill people.
3. Fermina - a Christian girl who served drinks at the night market.
4. Imam - the village priest that tried to tell Alih and Omar that it's wrong to kill.
5. Lucy - The American girl whom Alih met when he was a kid

Setting - July 4, Filipino -American Friendship Day

Literary Approach
1. Historical approach - It tells how Filipinos lived during the past by holiday celebration, traditions and racial differences.

1. Exposition - It's Filipino - American Friendship day. A Moro named Alih, waited for his brother to come. While waiting, his memories went back to his past. Their life was very miserable back then.
2. Rising Action -  They were at the sea with no more food and water when Omar began to think to resolve their problem. He suggested that maybe killing people could wash away their shame.
3. Climax - They were at the feast when he saw a girl who looks like his love, Fermina.
4. Falling action - when he is about to reach her, Omar approached the girl and is about to kill her.
5. Resolution - Realizing that the girl is really important to him, Alih killed his own brother to protect her.

Theme - the story is all about the tradition, religious beliefs of the Filipinos, as well as their way of living.

 The story began at the Filipino - American Friendship Day. Alih, a Moro as well as his brother, plans to kill people during the feast. His brother's name is Omar. While waiting for his brother, Alih's memories began to flash back. Their father was accused of killing a man that he didn't kill. Then they lived alone as merchants. They were robbed. Their life was completely miserable. They decided to stay at the sea. They became hungry and thirsty and it came to the point that Omar suggested that maybe killing people could wash away their shame. The story was back to the present time and they were already at the feast. Alih saw a woman that looks like his loved one, Fermina. As he approaches the girl, his brother Omar was coming too. Omar is about to kill the girl but Alih rushed to kill his brother and save her.

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Dichosa, Ma. Larisa Vera
Dichosa, Ma. Larisa Vera

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