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The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

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The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)  Empty The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

Post by Ebron, Christine Mae on Sun Jul 31, 2016 3:14 pm

The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

* Alih - The main character in the story, A Moro who plans for killing the people celebrating the friendship day.
* Omar – The older brother of Alih that always dictates him what to do.
* Imam - The village priest who tried to dissuade the two brother.
* Fermina – The beautiful maiden in the bar that has a mole near her mouth, she is Alih’s crush.
* Lucy - the little girl who lived in the reservation area where the Americans lived, the first girl that Alih liked.
* Lim Ching - the rich Chinese merchant.

Under the acacia tree at noon, and the place where the parade happened, in the 4th of July.

* Exposition – Alih was a Moro, a non-Christian, and today he felt the more alien to the town because he was there to kill. The day was 4th of July, the big American holiday that the town celebrated with a huge parade followed by cockfighting, pony-racing, hog catching, pole climbing and dancing in the streets. Nobody knew he was in town, sworn to kill.
* Rising Action - He saw a float with a beautiful girl standing in there. He thought it was Fermina. He went near the float and assisted the beautiful girl and he found out that it is Fermina all along.
* Climax - As he was about to hold her completely, Omar came and he was drunk. Omar was about to kill Fermina.
* Falling Action - Alih killed his brother even though they had a plan. Alih protects Fermina from his brother.
* Resolution - After the incident, many speculations was made of what happened. Some said Alih was insane that's why he killed his brother. Some said he had always hated his brother but the thing is Alih didn't want his white horse anymore.

* It tells about the traditional, faith and beliefs of the filipinos.

Literary approach used:
* Historical Approach

This story focuses on Alih, his feelings and thoughts. Alih and his older brother, Omar, needed to kill the people celebrating the friendship day for they thought that they’re shame will be washed away and they will gain respect by doing this. Alih wasn’t so sure in doing this, but he needs to obey his brother. Omar dictates Alih what to do in all aspect of his life. Alih also believed that by doing it, the white horse will bring him to heaven when he died. Until he saw Fermina, the girl he likes, along the parade. His brother, Omar, was drunk and was about to kill Fermina and other people in the parade. Alih forgot that they’re goal is to kill the people, instead, he protected Fermina and kill his own brother. In this part, I believe that Alih realized that killing isn’t good, he realized that he didn’t need to kill just because his brother ordered it, he chose to protect the girl he loved. In the first part of the story, Alih was ready to kill and to be killed. But at the end, he said that he doesn’t want his white horse anymore for he realized that he’s still not ready to die.
Ebron, Christine Mae
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