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The white horse of Alih (Analysis)

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The white horse of Alih (Analysis) Empty The white horse of Alih (Analysis)

Post by Castillo, Renerd Ian D. on Sun Jul 31, 2016 3:23 pm

Settings: July 4 in a city
1. Alih - A moro, and plans to kill during Filipino-American Friendship day
2. Omar - He is Alih's brother
3. Imam - The village priest
4. Lucy - Girl who lived in the reservation are
5. Fermina - A beautiful bar maid
Theme: The theme is all about traditions, belief, faith and religion.
Complication: Complication is when they decided to become a merchants.
Conflit: When Alih did not want to kill but the fear he had for his brother while he was growing urged him to the killings.
Climax: When Omar tries to kill Fermina.
Rising Action: He thought Fermina is the girl on a float he saw.
Falling Action: Alih kills his brother.
Literary Approach: Historical
Summary of Text:
Alih moved along the crowd which was celebrating the 4th of July. The story is all about the actions and what the characters are thinking before their planned killing.
His father accused of killing a man that he did not kill his name is Hadji. The Americans wanted Hadji to submit to the judgement.
Alih and Omar sold their properties such as house, boats, fishing nets also their mother's pearls.
After that the two brothers went to the sea and stayed for such a long time.
*boat's riding*
*Alih saw*
Alih saw a girl and thought it was his friend that he rode in a carousel.
Omar went berserk his sword and kills people. Omar attempt to kill Fermina and Alih is there to rescue resulting Alih kills his own brother Omar.
Castillo, Renerd Ian D.
Castillo, Renerd Ian D.

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