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The white horse of alih (analysis)

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The white horse of alih (analysis) Empty The white horse of alih (analysis)

Post by Cabalfin, John Edwin C. on Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:08 pm

Setting: The edge of the town.
*Alih-young brother of Omar. A non christian.
*Omar-older brother of Alih.
*Imom-Village priest.
*Lucy- The first crush of alih.
*Fermina- The Alih's like and a little american.
*Lim ching- chinese

Theme: Relegion,Love,Tradition,Beliefs and Faith.
Plot: Alih and Omar plans to kill someone
Conflict:When alih and omar want to do upleasant thing or bad thing.
Climax: When alih kill his brother Omar
Falling Action: Alih kills his brother because alih dislike plans and to protect fermina.
Rising Action: When Alih see fermina.
Literary Approach: The author might experience a history like that.
Related movie: Bangkok Dangerous

Summary:The white horse of alih- Alih and his older brother Omar. Their Father was died because their father kill by amrican army. Alih and omar they try to redeem themselves from the shame of being wanted of all theirs prized pocession. They plan to kill someone because in their belief if you kill someone you got have a horse. But alih don't omar plans because the one they want to kill is fermina .Because of that alih kill his brother to protect fermina. And Alih was arrest by the authories because they do.

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