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The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

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The White Horse of Alih (Analysis) Empty The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

Post by Panaglima, Bea on Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:19 pm

Ali-   a moro who plans for killing the people celebrating the filipino-american friendship day
Omar- the older brother of alih
Imam- the village priest
Lucy- she is the first girl that alih liked
Fermina- christian girl served drinks and she is the second girl that alih like

Settings- it was a big parade that happened in the 4th of july

Themes- the story is about their faith,beliefs and the way they treat people

Conflict- omar thought that if they kill people it will wash their shame and gain respect for their father

Complications- when they decided to become merchants, these were rebels who sole their commodities

Climax- omar came and he was drunk all long and he was about to kil fermina

Rising action- alih save a girl whom he thought as fermina and her brother omar was about to kill fermina that time

Falling action- alih kills his brother just to protect fermina

Literary approach
Historical aproach

In the 4th of july in the city with a parade of people and it was a big event for them. It was started when two brothers try to kill peolpe in the parade. And its omar and alih. Alih confuses his mind if he will do it or not. They want to wash away their shame and to gain respect. Fermina was standing on a float and omar came drunk and he was about to kill her. Alih protect fermina from his brother that's why he killed omar. And it all mtters to him is te girl he love.

Panaglima, Bea

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