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The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

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The White Horse of Alih (Analysis) Empty The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

Post by Armamento, Adelle on Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:35 am

• Alih- He was a Moro, who plans for killing the people celebrating the Filipino-American Friendship day
• Omar- He was the brother of Alih, who dictates him on what to doing every aspects of his life
• Imam- The village priest, who tried to dissuade the two brothers
• Fermina- A beautiful bar maid with a mole near her mouth
• Lucy- Childhood crush of Alih, and she was the girl who lived in the reservation area

• July 4th in a city with a paradise of people
• Exposition: Alih was looking for his brother, Omar. That day was intended for them to fulfil their plan. Their plan is to kill the people in the parade celebrating the Filipino-American friendship day.
• Rising Action: Alih saw a float with a beautiful girl whom he thought was Fermina.
• Climax: Omar was drunk and tipsy. He wants to kill all the people in the town and he was about to kill Fermina.
• Falling Action: Alih kills his brother, Omar despite their plans to gain the white horse just to protect Fermina from Omar.
• Resolution: Some people said, Alih became insane that's why he killed his brother, but the truth is Alih didn't want his white horse.
• It's about love, tradition in religion and beliefs and faith of Filipino.
Literary Approach Used:
• Historical Approach
The story is about the beliefs and religion. It started with the two brothers Alih and Omar. They decided to prepare themselves for burial and kill someone. Suddenly, a drunken Omar, rampages around the plaza, intent killing anyone who stands in his way. As Omar comes closer to the parade girl Fermina, Alih runs in a flash to save her. In the end, Alih kills Omar and he came to his mind that the white horse doesn't matter to him, the most important is to save his girl he loved.

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