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The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

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The White Horse of Alih (Analysis) Empty The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

Post by Autor, Charles Maynard on Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:56 pm

Setting : town with a hodge-podged of races.

Alih - a moro that lived in village across the river.
Omar - brother of Alih that thought of being with paradise.
Fermina - a christian girl who looks like the wives of the Americans.
Imam - village priest that tried to dissuade Alih and Omar.
Lucy - lil' girl who was in first grade that lives in reservation across the river.
Lim Ching - rich chinese that gives Alih abd Omar a seventeen barrels of crude oil, 3 bales of dried fish and a sack of rice.

Conflict: When Omar was blaming Alih that was asleep beside their mother when government soldiers had killed by spaniards and Alih did nothing cause the fact that he was asleep when that happened.

Complication: Omar's eyes was prying on Alih and when they we're at beer garden Omar was in the table in a corner looking at Alih smoking while watching Fermina.

Rising Action: Alih got drunk at beer garden then Omar said that " the brave Moro was the Moro who could make passes at christian girls" since Alih was already drunk, Fermina came to his table to pour his drink then he wanted a kiss from Fermina and he failed, got swunged a pitcher of beer and heard a mocking laughter from his brother Omar for his foolishess.

Climax: In the parade, Alih saw a girl on a float and smiled as sweet at him. The girl went down with a boy they we're holding hands, he got nerves like he was about to kill the boy and that boy was his brother, Omar leapt onto street  with his fatal blade and was about to kill the girl, Fermina rans then suddenly got her robe caught on the  edge of bamboo frame of float, she screamed then Alih jolted his memory, he leaped with his razor -sharped blade and swung it onto Omar.

Falling Action: The folks on their town was talking about the strange tragedy for many days, nobody figured out why Alih turned against Omar. Then he Alih got judged by the people of the town.

Literary Approach: Historical Approach

Theme: Religion, Faith, Tradition

Related movie:
Passion of the Christ- talks about religion

Summary text:
Alih, a moro, lived in town that was made up of a hodged-podge of races, in that town there was big American holiday, he felt like he was an alien in that town. Omar, his brother was knowned as a killer in their town and dreamt of a paradise with a girl named Fermina whos working at beer garden. As the moro was knowned as a killer, the Imam tries to dissuade the brothers but they did not listen. They start pushing people along the side of streets, Alih releases his weapon. Omar left him, he disguised and nobody knew on their town that he was a Moro. Suddenly, a horse gallops down the road that looks like a son of zorro and that was his brother Omar who left him. Omar worked at the datu of the village and driven calesa he was with a girl named Lucy. The datu told Omar to tell his brother to go school but Moro's was not allowed to set in a reservation. Alih swam, put his clothes in a bundle then Lucy picks up the bundle, rans out though stone steps holds it unto him. As a payback to Lucy, Alih picks pretty shells and left on stone steps of Lucy's house, but when he returned at afternoon, the shells was gone. At night he don't have an money to show to his brother and by that he was recognized by his brother as nothing. After that, a long time ago Omar was with his father fighting in the mountains of Jolo, their father got in prison by accusing by killing a man that he did not comitted but spaniards did not honor his words. Omar was blaming his brother for his father being imprissoned caused Alih was asleep when that happened. When they we're at the beer garden Omar said that" brave Moro was the Moro who could make passes at christian girls, Alih tried to kiss Fermina and he fails, he got imprissoned by his disrespecting girls for six months. After being in jailed his brother decided being merchants they sell all of their properties. A rich chinese came offers them to trade with their goods only on him. Chinese offers 17 barrels of crude oil, 3 bales of dried fish and a sack of rice. But they had been fooled, they we're on shame on doing wrong decisions and said that by killing they can wash away their shame but Alih wants to sleep with a woman and Omar offers to send him then Alih was that overwhelmed. At parade, he saw a girl and that was Fermina, she's with his brother and got angry cause Fermina was his ideal girl to be slept on before he dies. As Omar was in the float, as he said that by only killing they can wash their shame he was about to kill Fermina, so he leapt on to streets going to Fermina for him to wash their shame. Fermina rans until her robe caught on bamboo frame of float and scream and scream then Alih heard and struck on him, he leapt on to streets and swung his blade onto his brother to help Fermina who's his ideal girl. They we're the inside rumors in their town of what Alih has done through his brother that they cannot understand why he had done that.

Autor, Charles Maynard

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