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Post by Arguel, Emar B. on Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:44 pm

Alih – A Moro who plans for killing the people celebrating the Filipino-American Friendship day
Omar – The older brother of Alih who dictates him on what to doing every aspects of his life
Imam – The village priest who tried to dissuade the two brothers, he explains to them that the prophets did not teach to do it
Lucy – Girl who lived in the reservation area where the americans live, she is the first girl Alih liked
Fermina – a beautiful bar maid with a mole near her mouth, Alih likes her so much but the woman doesn’t like him because of his impertinent manner towards her.

The story happened on July 4th in a city with a parade of people.

Alih and his brother Omar are moros who wants to kill the people along the crowd.
Rising Action:
Alih saw fermina in float and assited here to go to the ground omar, drunk and tipsy, came to them.
Alih kills his brother,omar
Falling Action:
Alih kills his brother despite their plans to gainthe white horse for him to protect Fermina.
Alih did not want to kill his brother, he just want to saved the life of Fermina.

The story of the white horse of Alih tells about the tradition, beliefs, and faith of the Filipinos.

*Historical Approach
*Mimetic Approach
*Freudian Approach

The story started of as Alih the protagonist, moved along the crowd which was celebrating the fourth of July celebration. They were expecting a lot of people in this event because they planned a mass assassination in the town. The story then went on concentrating on the actions and what the characters are thinking before their planned killing. Alih was thinking of his houri and the past memories of their family. His father was accused of killing a man that he did not kill. Alih and Omar’s father was the hadji back then and that he attended the Mecca. The Americans wanted him to submit to the judgment of the Americans.fter confirming that the girl he is looking at is really Fermina, his brother Omar then went berserk and unsheathed his sword and killed people. Omar then went to kill Fermina but Alih protected her and killed his brother Omar.
Arguel, Emar B.
Arguel, Emar B.

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