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The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

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The White Horse of Alih (Analysis) Empty The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

Post by Cuya, Ella Mae G. on Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:47 pm

The White Horse
E.A. Enriquez

• Alih – a Moro; a non-Christian; brother of Omar
• Omar – elder brother of Alih
• Fermina – a Christian girl who served drinks at the night market
• Sampang – a mountain warrior
• Imam – a village priest
• Lucy – childhood friend of Alih

• The setting is in the Acacia tree on the roadside.

On the 4th day of July, the Americans are celebrating their holiday with a parade. Alih is moving with the crowd at the roadside where he was being pushed and pulled one way and another. He reached his destination which is in the acacia tree. Hunger and sweat surrounds his body as he waits for his brother’s signal. Alih and his brother, Omar, are jurmentados as what Christian calls them or sworn killers and they are planning to make a chaos in the midst of the celebration because they believe that this is the way to wash their blood and spirit with the shame or sin for their reward of a white horse that will ride them to heaven and also houris.

(Rising Action)
As he waits for his brother, he wondered about those events that happened in his life on how he regret not killing those men who disposed them of their goods, on how ashamed on himself when he tried to kissed Fermina, the Christian girl who served drinks at the night market, and he was being laughed by his brother, and also the time when a village priest advised him that killing is wrong and was not taught by a priest. As his patience was running out, he saw a horse and dreamed that one day he’ll ride in it with his houri, but he never learned to ride a horse. Then, he remembered a childhood friend named Lucy whom he play with on a mary-go-round and the last time he saw her, she was leaving with her nanny.

“Only by killing, Alih, can we wash away our shame,” Omar said to Alih the time they had sold and spent their inheritance from their parents. Alih was still a young lad when Omar taught him of it, but he was not afraid to die. He just wants to experience having a girl at his mat and then his brother grant his wish immediately. Sooner at the parade, a beautiful girl, stood holding a pole, glanced at Alih. He become unaware of what happened next, until Alih realized that he was now offering his hand to assist the girl, but a hand stopped him: the hand of Omar. Alih had smelled the alcohol in Omar’s breath and realized that all those things his brother said to him were a lie; that white horse and houri was just a lie. Then, Omar hoisted his fatal blade in the air and the chaos begun.

(Falling Action)
At the midst of the chaos, the girl was the first target of Omar. Her gown stuck on the float as she was running and she was trapped. She become afraid and nervous as Omar approached her. She screamed as Omar was getting near to her. Suddenly, Alih realized that the girl was Lucy; the childhood girl of him, Fermina; the girl at night market, and also the woman of Balete who shared a mat on him. The girl he loves to be with.

She must not die. Alih had thought and draw his blade and run to his brother. He swung the blade down on his brother’s back again and again before Omar could reach the girl. The town spoke about that tragedy for many days. They don’t even know Alih and didn’t know that he lives in the town. Some said he had lost his head because of what his brother had done to him.

• A tragic and a non-fictional story.
• It talks about some religious practices, culture, and traditions.
• It also has a romantic events and used a flashback viewing
Literary approached used:
• Historical


It is about the two brothers living without their parents. Their parents died long ago and Omar, the elder brother, is the one responsible to took care of his brother, Alih. Alih had grown being taught of wrong beliefs and doings. As Omar had sold their inheritance from their parents and spent it improperly, they had felt hunger and famine. Omar taught his brother that the only way to wash off their shame and sin is through killing. He said that it will reward them with a white horse that will ride them to heaven and with houris also. They had planned to put a chaos on the Americans’ holiday parade. One time, Alih attended a compelling at a church. A village priest named Imam had advised him that killing was wrong, but his brother contradicts it. Alih become curious as he waits for his brother to start the chaos at the celebration. He is starting to think and decide between good and bad. All his whole life, he was taught with wrong by his brother and being commanded. And when the chaos started, he chooses the right one to stop it. He killed his own brother; the one who taught him of wrong beliefs and lies
Cuya, Ella Mae G.
Cuya, Ella Mae G.

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