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The White horse of Alih

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The White horse of Alih Empty The White horse of Alih

Post by Moneva,Chrisza,Mae on Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:16 pm

ALIH- Moro who plams for killing the people celebrating the Filipino American.
FERMINA- Alih likes her so much.
LUCY- First girl who like Alih.
IMAM- This village priest who fried to dissuade the two brothers.

- Story happened on July4th in a city with a parade of people.

-Their plans is to kill the people in the parade celebrating the Filipino American friendship day. But, Alih did'nt want to kill but the fear he had, he do the things.

- Fermina is the girl on a float he saw. He went near the float and guide the girl to go down.

- Alih was about the hold Fermina completely. Omar came he walked around the plaza. Alih save the girl Fermina.

- Alih kill his brother to save Fermina.

- After what they done, may speculation was made of what happend. Alih decide to kill his own brother to protect Fermina despite of their plans.

-Historical Approach
-Mimetic Approach
- Freudian Approach

The story started of alih the protagonist, move along the crownd which was celebrating the 4th of july. They were specting a lot of people because they planned a mass assassiation in the town. The characters are thingking before their planned killing. By killing we can wash our shame away said Omar while staring into the space. The story then went on moving to the parade.


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The White horse of Alih Empty Re: The White horse of Alih

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:25 pm

You forgot to justify the literary approach/es you used in the story

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