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The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

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The White Horse of Alih (Analysis) Empty The White Horse of Alih (Analysis)

Post by Santos, Jeffrey on Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:47 pm

Alih- was a Moro, a non-Christian and he was in the town to kill.
Omar- he is the older brother of Alih.
Imam- The village priest.
Lucy- She is the childhood crush of Alih.
Fermina- Christian girl who served drinks.
Lim Ching- The rich Chinese.

Setting: Town were the big parade was to wind up. The town was made up of a hodge podge of races.
Theme: religion, tradition beliefs and faith of the Filipinos.
Conflict: Alih did not want to kill but the fear he had for his brother and also because his brother thought him that killing will be their to wash away their shame and gain respect for their father. Their father died by the American Soldiers.
Complication: when they decide to became merchants and they rebels who stole their commodities.
Climax: Omar was surprised and he was drunk all along, he realized that omar was drinking tuba. Omar was about kill Fermina.
Rising Action: He saw Fermina floating.
Falling Action: Alih kills Omar.
Literary Approach: Historical Approach
Summary Text: Alih kill anyone because he want to revenge because he's father died by the American Soldiers. Alih killed his brother named Omar.

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